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Eastern Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2017

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Greyston Bakery: Eat Brownies. Change Lives

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As New York’s first Certified Benefit Corporation, Greyston Bakery is known for its social entrepreneurship. In addition to concentrating on sales for profit, it reinvests in the community through its non-profit parent organization, Greyston Foundation. Toward these ends, Greyston Bakery adopted a unique open hiring policy. Additionally, they provide a business model that other companies can emulate to also engage in social value creation. If you (a student) were working as an intern for the company and were asked to make recommendations for how to extend its social mission, which option(s) would you would encourage Greyston to pursue and why?


gunae choi    
Manhattan college
United States

Janet Rovenpor    
Manhattan college
United States


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