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Eastern Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2017

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Moving Beyond the Barriers: Examining the Impact of Self-efficacy and Stereotype Reactance on Women’s Entrepreneurial Intentions

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Negative gender stereotype has been recognized as one of the problems women entrepreneurs face when starting and growing a business. This research explains how women entrepreneurs overcome the negative gender stereotypes through the implications of stereotype reactance/protection theory (Kray, et al., 2001; Javadian & Zoogah, 2014) and entrepreneurial self-efficacy. The results indicate that women with high levels of self-efficacy do not have lower venture creation intentions than men. Also, stereotype reactance among women entrepreneurs is found to positively impact their venture growth intentions. In addition, women with high levels of self-efficacy have stronger venture growth intentions as stereotype reactance increased.


Golshan Javadian    
Morgan State University
United States

David Zoogah    
Xavier University
United States

Robert Singh    
Morgan State University
United States

Vishal Gupta    
The University of Mississippi
United States


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