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Eastern Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2017

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Corporate Governance and Corporate Sustainability: A Theoretical Study of Chinese Family Businesses

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The purpose of the paper is to examine the relationship among corporate governance by board structure and the disclosure of corporate sustainability in public Chinese family business.
Considering the characteristics of Chinese environment and Chinese family business (CFB), some propositions are presented about the relationship among corporate governance, corporate sustainability and family control.
We expect to show that corporate governance does matter with corporate sustainability in Chinese family business. The effects of corporate governance are positively related to corporate sustainability. The family control moderates the relationship between the corporate governance and corporate sustainability.


Weichu Xu    
East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
United States

Junsheng Zhang    
Sun Yat-sen University

Jian Yu    
Beijing Forestry University

Chaolin Chen    
Beijing Forestry University


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