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Communication Apprehension: The Silent Destroyer of Engagement and Communication Inside and Outside the Classroom

Researchers consider communication apprehension (CA) to be the most common handicap suffered by people in contemporary American society. However, although CA is one of the most extensively researched variables in the field of interpersonal communication, educators remain relatively unaware of the debilitating effects of CA on student motivation, participation, learning, and retention. Individuals with high levels of CA experience emotional distress during or anticipating communication, prefer to avoid communication, and are perceived by others and themselves as less competent, skilled, and successful. Students with high levels of CA have been found to drop out of college more frequently and receive lower grades than students with low levels of CA. In this interactive workshop, participants will test their own communication anxiety and begin to understand how to recognize and combat CA in the classroom. Participants will also learn and share techniques for embedding communication skills training within the curriculum.

Joy Jones
Stockton University
United States


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