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From Lost Art to Living Abilities: Business Communication Basics

My students don’t know how to write or even address emails! Why do they insist on addressing me by my first name or worse yet as “hey?” When I talk to them about memos and executive summaries, they have no idea what they are! And when they wait until 11:00PM to email me about an assignment due at midnight, why are they annoyed when I don’t respond immediately? This PDW will address the communication basics that we all complain are non-existent in our digital native students. We will discuss which basics seem to be missing, how we might develop them through activities and assignments, and how we might take the first steps to reinforcing them across the business curriculum.

C. Melissa Fender
Rutgers University - Camden
United States

Theodore Peters
University of Baltimore
United States

Lisa Stickney
University of Baltimore
United States


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