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The Dilemma of Last Resort Hotel – A Case Study

The case discusses how a booming and prosperous hotel, Last Resort, lost its glory overtime. The case highlights the events that caused the hotel demise. Basking in its glory and living on its brand affiliation the hotel management failed to monitor its internal and external environment having developed a level of complacency. This resulted in loss of employee morale, poor management, absenteeism, poor productivity among many other internal issues. There was an overall decrease in quality service, leading to a reduction in guest, sales and profits overtime. With the negative publicity, poor sales, and declining customer base the hotel decided to take action. Fix It Consulting was hired to investigate the issues and offer creative intervention strategies that would bring back Last Resort to the quality and boom it enjoyed when it first opened its doors.

June Clarke
Delaware State University
United States

Julaine Rigg
Morgan State University
United States

Cynthia Mayo
Delaware State University
United States


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