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Eastern Academy of Management 2019

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Learning Outcomes in Capstone Business Simulation: Comparing On-ground and Online Instructional Formats

This paper examines the learning assurance results from strategic management capstone courses delivered in distance learning (DL) and traditional classrooms (on-ground, OG) formats. Results from multivariate statistical analyses find that there are significant differences in learning assurance report (LAR) scores by delivery format (on-ground vs. DL), for gender and delivery format, and academic major and delivery format. Simulation performance was higher for DL students though the relationship between simulation performance and final course grade was not significantly different for OG and DL cohorts. Implications of the findings are discussed and suggestions for future work offered. The limitations of LAR scores (e.g., deficiency of measures) are considered.

Jeffrey Alstete
Iona College
United States

Nicholas Beutell
Iona College
United States


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