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Eastern Academy of Management 2019

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Universities' Biotechnology Commercialization: Scaffolding an Entrepreneurial Architecture

Biotechnology innovations are the basis for solutions to complex, challenging medical conditions. Reducing development time and cost may facilitate rapid translation of biotechnology to diagnostics, therapeutics, and other platform applications designed to advance medicine and improve individuals’ health and welfare. As a result, many universities have adopted an entrepreneurial mission for managing and reaping the benefits of biotechnology commercialization. The purpose of this research was to examine the relationship of a university’s mission identity to commercialization of biotechnology developed on its campuses. Systematic review and framework synthesis were applied to data extracted from 29 universities’ websites. A priori and revised frameworks of mission, strategies, structure, leadership, and culture grounded predictive analyses, which indicated that most biotechnology patents were granted to universities that had medium strength systems. Further, the revised framework produced 31 different combinations of drivers influencing biotechnology patents with closely associated predictive power, supporting a system model.

Susan Buskirk
University of Maryland, Baltimore
United States


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