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Eastern Academy of Management 2019

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Do Generational Differences Matter in Negotiation? Examining Self-Efficacy, Choice of Tactics, & Outcomes

Research has demonstrated that generational differences have a significant impact on attitudes and values in the workplace and these differences can lead to conflict. A common tool to resolve workplace conflict is through negotiation. By better understanding generational attitudes and values in the workplace - and in the negotiating process – parties have an increased likelihood of success. In light of this, the study of generational differences in negotiation is a valuable topic of inquiry for management research. As proposed, this study will employ a quantitative correlation and multiple regression design and use survey methodology to examine generational differences in choice of negotiation tactics, confidence in negotiation ability, and achievement of negotiated outcomes.

Brent Opall
University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire
United States

Gabi Eissa
San Diego State University
United States

Edith Wasyliszyn
University of Wisconsin–Superior
United States


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