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Eastern Academy of Management 2019

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The “Innovative Leadership Infographic (ILI)" of Influence

What is an “Innovative Leadership Infographic (ILI)” ? How can infographics help students in 100% online courses understand their unique, innovative leadership voice? Free creative technology resources help students effectively influence leadership perceptions. The ILI creatively inspires students to present their leadership stories in an impactful, visually-engaging way, bringing the human uniqueness to life.

In this session, participants learn: (a) infographics (types, student examples) and free online technology resources; (b) others’ perceptions about successful social media influencers; (c) how to develop infographic assignments using module-based learning blocks (e.g., discussion boards with peer-to-peer feedback); and, (d) develop an ILI. The ILI was the final assignment for an online Leading, Learning and Change Innovative Leadership Course. Students feared innovation would lead to failure, but they took risks through the ILI and boldly answered-“Who are you? What makes you a uniquely different leader than others?” They share their creative ILIs throughout social media.

Mariana Lebron
Towson University
United States


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