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Eastern Academy of Management 2019

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A Gallivanter on a Mission: A Look at the Change-Related Personality Types and Cultural Intelligence

The rising levels of globalization made expatriates and international assignments very important factors in the success of any business. Although numerous studies emphasized the importance of intercultural competence in predicting expatriates’ success or intercultural effectiveness, there are still relevant antecedents and consequences of such competence that are yet to be studied. This study proposes a typology of the change-related personality types and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) in which each personality type predicts different levels of CQ. This study also investigates the effect of CQ on relevant intercultural outcomes. The findings suggest that adaptive individuals tend to have the highest levels of CQ followed by proactive individuals; change-resistant individuals tend to have the lowest levels of CQ followed by passive individuals. Moreover, CQ was found to significantly predict decreased intercultural anxiety and percentage of friends from home country. A discussion of the results, limitations, and future directions is provided.

Abdulah Bajaba
Louisiana Tech University
United States

Saleh Bajaba
King Abdulaziz University
Saudi Arabia


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