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Eastern Academy of Management 2019

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Reconstructing the Kaleidoscope: Adjusting the Kaleidoscope Career Model to Complex Contexts

The Kaleidoscope Career Model (KCM) is a model that suggests that careers are driven by three parameters: authenticity, balance and challenge (Mainiero & Sullivan, 2006). While the model remains relevant for over a decade, it was developed in North America and hence might not be well suited to other contexts. The current study tests the model in the Greek Public sector, which in addition to cultural differences, was deeply affected by the 2008 financial crisis. Findings show that context frames and shapes career perceptions, such that some KCM needs become less salient, and needs that were not included in the original model, specifically the need for safety, are present. Based on these findings we suggest a potential modification to the KCM model, which will allow it to better explain career needs across multiple contexts. The practical contribution for HR professionals is recommendations to satisfy these needs by specific HR practices.

Maria Mouratidou
University of Cumbria
United Kingdom

Mirit K. Grabarski
University of Western Ontario


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