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Eastern Academy of Management 2019

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Inter-team Collaboration: A Case Study of Rock Engineering Projects

Rock engineering is a field where level of uncertainty is much higher than in other fields, even within the discipline of engineering. Projects are completed in stages by different teams including: geological survey team, design team, supported structures team, and construction technology team. High uncertainty, different priorities, and lack of accountability for the overall project contribute to inter-team conflict among rock engineering teams working on a project. To facilitate greater project performance, it is crucial to understand how to minimize these conflicts and facilitate collaboration of various rock engineering teams that are involved. Greater participation in the final solution by team members from various teams may increase their engagement, accountability, and ownership. Our aim is to further explore the role of management oversight in facilitating greater inter team collaboration among various rock engineering project teams, improving the overall project effectiveness and performance.

Julia Eisenberg
Pace University
United States

Boris Amusin

United States


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