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Eastern Academy of Management 2019

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An Innovative Approach to Improving Career Readiness in the College Classroom through Remote, On-Demand Video Simulations

Employers complain that too many college graduates are not career ready. Using on-demand video technology, undergraduate business students engaged in a series of workplace video simulations designed to improve their career readiness. The students provided their video responses via a webcam as if they were in those situations. Third-party human assessors scored the videos using behavioral descriptors for the competencies of critical thinking, professionalism, teamwork, and communication. Pre-test and post-test results indicated significant improvement in the students’ demonstration of those competencies. Results suggest that on-demand video simulations may be a useful new tool to close the career readiness skills gap.

Dan Koys
DePaul University
United States

Hyder Abadin
Javelin Learning Solutions
United States


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