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Eastern Academy of Management 2019

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Personal Growth Initiative: The Effects of Person-Organization Fit, Authentic Leadership, and Work Empowerment

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of person-organization fit (POF), authentic leadership, and work empowerment on personal growth initiative (PGI), using data of 235 employees in a Korean telecommunication firm. The demographic variables, POF, and authentic leadership accounted for 54% of the variance in work engagement. Next, the demographic variables, POF, authentic leadership, and work engagement explained 36% of the variance in PGI. In addition, authentic leadership turned out to significantly moderate the relationship between POF and PGI. Last, we found that work empowerment partially mediated the relationship between POF and PGI. This study introduced a relatively new construct, PGI, to the field of human resource and organizational behavior. Managers and human resources practitioners can help employees increase their PGI by providing better practices for POF, authentic leadership, and work engagement, so that they can win more employability in today’s competitive labor market.

Baek-Kyoo Joo
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
United States

Sohee Park
Inje University
South Korea

Suhyung Lee
University of Minnesota
United States


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