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Eastern Academy of Management 2019

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Compact Case Hackathon

This session challenges participants to develop a publishable Compact Case in a collaborative small group setting. Participants may bring their own case idea or use provided background materials for the onsite development of a compact case during the session. Using their laptops or smartphones, small groups develop and write learning objectives and the initial draft of a Compact Case. Case writing mentors are available for consultations with groups. The session deliverable is a Compact Case and partial teaching note (at least the learning objectives for the case). Participants are encouraged to continue to refine the case and complete the teaching note before submitting the Compact Case to The CASE Journal (TCJ). All cases developed in the Compact Case Hackathon that are subsequently accepted for publication in TCJ will be considered for recognition (and a prize!) as the “Best Compact Case.”

Rebecca Morris

United States


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