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Eastern Academy of Management 2019

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Does a Flipped Classroom Increase Millennials' Engagement in Business Programs?

Millennials are disrupting higher education. These digital natives are changing how higher education is delivered and challenging the relevance of higher education to deliver the required skills to be successful. Flipped classrooms are viewed as one teaching pedagogy that can increase millennial student engagement. The current study investigates the difference in the impact of flipped classrooms on five perceived learning outcomes—problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, self-directed learning, and knowledge acquisition for undergraduate business students from Germany and the U.S. Identical classroom configurations were implemented in an Introduction to Business course in a German and U.S. university. Hofstede’s cultural dimension were used to hypothesize differences in perceived learning outcomes based on cultural values of Germany and the U.S. Results showed that differences in perceived learning outcomes attributable to cultural differences were found between the German and U.S. students indicating that cultural differences do impact the effectiveness of different teaching pedagogies.

Petra Garnjost
Business School, HTW Saar, University of Applied Sciences

Leanna Lawter
Sacred Heart University
United States


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