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Eastern Academy of Management 2018 Annual Meeting

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Grow a Diversified Global Company: A Bumping Road to the Development of a Chinese Company

This case is about one medium size Chinese company to diversify and internationalize its business. Mr. Yao is a famous Chinese entrepreneur who want to grow his business into a global player which provides affordable and high-quality knitting product to the world. Mr.Yao began his business as a small fabric manufacturing factory. When Mr. Yao grew his business into a national company, Mr. Yao began to think about diversify into several other industries like women and children products, Childcare business, etc. Mr. Yao has already begun the internationalization process of his company by building his branch company in India. Mr.Yao’s business seems in the right track and has grown smoothly, Mr.Yao and his business now face a very critical moment about how to make a right strategy for further diversification and internationalization process. How to make a right strategy is crucial for the success of the business in the future.

Weichu Xu
East Stroudsburg University

Jian Yu
Beijing Forestry University

Yue Xi
East Stroudsburg University
United States


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