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Eastern Academy of Management 2018 Annual Meeting

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Instilling the Zen Culture into a New Agricultural Business: A Story about one Chinese Entrepreneur

This case is about how to build a Zen organizational culture into a new startup agricultural company named Wenjing park of agriculture in China. The founder Mr.Zhang Li has vision to build a company to provide natural and health agricultural products to let ordinary people to enjoy with their body physically while they can relax mental and spiritual like spend short time in Zen( Control or reduce your desires and relax in simple&natural life). Mr. Zhang wanted to instill Zen spirit into the organization and build a Zen culture to lead people to live a simple life and control their desires. Mr.Zhnag acted as cultural leader to shape culture and values through ceremonies, stories, symbols, language, selection and socialization, and daily actions.

Weichu Xu
East Stroudsburg University
United States

Zejiang Zhou
Anhui Univerisity

Chaolin Chen
Xiamen Institute of Accounting


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