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Eastern Academy of Management 2018 Annual Meeting

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Are Basic Human Values Associated with Perceptions of Leader-Member Exchange?

This study looks at employees’ values, and the ways these appear in their LMX perceptions by applying the framework of basic human values of Schwartz in the context of leader-member exchange (LMX) theory. Based on a literature review, specific hypotheses were developed and tested in a quantitative survey in a Finnish public sector organization. The current study provides further evidence on the role of values in an individual’s attitudes and behavior on workplace, and specifically in the development of leader-follower relationships. The findings indicate that the theoretical discussion can benefit from turning attention to a more broad analysis of general life values – LMX relationships. Thus, this study extends work on superior–subordinate dyads and reveals potential new significant linkages between LMX and its antecedents. Further, these findings can help to improve practitioners´ knowledge of how to effectively lead and manage individual differences in organizations.

Anu Vanska
University of Oulu Graduate School


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