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Eastern Academy of Management 2018 Annual Meeting

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Multiple realities of meritocracy in business higher education

Under a meritocratic system, elites are selected and socialized to believe that they have earned their status and associated rewards rightfully, through a combination of their knowledge and effort in a purportedly just system. As such, practices of ranking, judging, selecting and anointing individuals have become commonplace across the workplace and in education. I examine the case of business higher education in particular, and one particular instance of its internationalization in seeking to improve our understanding of meritocracy. I study how meritocracy acts and is acted upon by the various human, non-human and non-corporeal actors that support it. Using the concepts of multiplicity and ontological politics from Mol(1999), I seek to understand the multiple realities of meritocracy in business higher education. I aim to show how one ontology (state of reality) of meritocracy is codependent on and coexistent with with another ontology of meritocracy, effectively creating multiple levels of meritocracy.

Keshav Krishnamurty
University of Massachusetts Boston
United States


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