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Eastern Academy of Management 2018 Annual Meeting

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Analysis of the Motivation Theories in Management Discipline: Learning, Motivation and Self-Determination Theory

The paper describes, compares and analyzes the most commonly used motivation theories in management and psychology sciences. It is a theoretical research about learning and motivation. Its main topic is learning, motivation and self-determination theory with focus on human motivation. In the first chapter there is a comparison of motivation theories including cognitive motivation, learning and human specific motivation. “Self-determination theory is a macro theory of human motivation that evolved from research on work organizations and other dominants of life.” (Deci, Olafsen, Ryan, 2017: 19) The relevancy of self-determination from the point of research is that it can be used to analyze the motivation of an individual, both in terms of learning or any other activities. Self-determination theory is based on the analysis of external and internal factors affecting the individual person.

Mariann Benke
University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics


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